10 Things I Learnt About Setting Up a Redbubble Store

If you want to make money on line or a living on line then creating print on demand (POD) products is the way to go.

Is the Press Release Dead in the Ground?

Do Press Releases Work?

If you’re persistent with your press release be prepared for anything to happen.

By Mia Harper

How I Overcame the Fear of Self-Publishing Books (Part 2)

5 Strategies to Help You Take Action


To some of you this plan may seem too simple, may even be irrelevant. It might even be missing some hard and fast components.

For me I have to discipline myself and work to a daily plan.


How I Overcame the Fear of Self-Publishing Books (Part 1)

Avoid the Mistakes I made in the Early Days of Self-Publishing Books.


When I first set out to self-publish on Amazon I avoided taking action because I always felt there was still more to learn.

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