How I Overcame the Fear of Self-Publishing Books (Part 1)

Avoid the Mistakes I made in the Early Days of Self-Publishing Books.


When I first set out to self-publish on Amazon I avoided taking action because I always felt there was still more to learn.

By Mia Harper
(Revised Blog from Bright Bold Publishing website)
illustration of frustrated woman; she is overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty,

Does this sound like you?


I had to ask myself why I was so busy without having anything to show for it.


In the early days when I was learning everything there was about publishing I suffered from overwhelm. I discovered much later that this was a common theme amongst most authors breaking into the self-publishing arena.


Arena pretty much describes the environment I found myself in; a den of conflicting advice from instructors and marketers with half-baked solutions.  The challenges seemed insurmountable. I was hyperventilating, trying to fit the publishing puzzle together.


To cap it all self-publishing is a lonely, insular business which sadly can lead to depression.




For two years I followed the internet and publishing gurus always searching for the ultimate answers which never materialised. When I spoke to other authors they nodded their heads in despair, agreeing ‘me too, me too’ confirming my own feelings that we’d all become the stooges of the so-called experts.


I purchased so many different trainings that I became more bewildered as time passed. Again this is something other authors said they were guilty of. It’s almost like I felt there was a missing link. I had to find that link before I could progress. Sadly these were all excuses. Perfectionism, my fear of not being good enough or sufficiently knowledgeable is what held me back from taking action.


Is this what you might be feeling too? Out of your depth with the whole publishing thing?




I took one final course before I abandoned all fear of self-publishing. At the latter end of 2015 I took the necessary steps to self-publish my first set of books. Within days those books made it into the Amazon bestsellers in the UK with very few reviews and no marketing!



What pushed me over the edge to brave self-publishing you ask?


One word: PASSION.


I’d found something I felt strongly about and wanted to see it through to its bitter end. I jest there was no bitter ending just euphoria.



The niche I’d settled on, colouring books for grown-ups, was trending dramatically. I worked like a demon to make my books happen fighting the urge to give up or fall victim to perfectionism. I was now working to my strengths.


Formatting Kindle books with pictures had proved an almighty disaster. Kindle technology was frustrating.


Previously, the idea of formatting physical books was a huge, scary hurdle.


Finding an exciting niche with all sorts of possibilities and one that allowed me to use my graphic skills propelled me into action. I was no longer afraid of the mechanics of self-publishing. I needed that extra boost in confidence one that fuelled the adrenaline.


I could say that the passion for my topic, graphics and patterns, came to my rescue. I now had a reason and a why to continue.




So I found my first niche and it has helped me produce books and more recently all kinds of print-on-demand products that I sell.


The next obstacle was how do I keep going? How do I keep producing books in different genres? I’m still stumbling over that one. Though I did release a childrens Christmas story called The Forgotten Tree. I also have written two other stories for children which are pending.


So how do I stop myself from falling into the old habits of not feeling quite good enough?


It’s hard, I hear you say, to take that initial step to create a book, to continue producing further books, but once you do you won’t regret it.


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What has Helped You to Take Action in Your Self-Publishing Business?

I’d love to hear what struggles you’ve had self-publishing.

How have you managed to overcome your fear of self-publishing?

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